Never a spectator; Bill’s life has always been one of a participant in creative and physical ways. Thanks to his mother, it all began when he was very young. She would often shut off the Saturday morning cartoons and encourage Bill and his sister to design their own exotic worlds from colorful modeling clay. Bill also devised incredible working wood and metal elements in his works.

Soon he eagerly assisted in many projects uncommon for his age. Bill’s father and his best friend were visually impaired, but undertook and completed many interesting projects. To participate it was essential that he learn to carefully listen and observe. Bill was taken to a higher level learning to “see” with his hands while caning chairs alongside his father earning money for his first bicycle. These experiences had a powerful influence on Bill’s perseverance, dexterity and perspective.

Subjects are chosen because Bill finds they have interesting form and texture. He develops drawings and plans by studying photographs, specimens and illustrations. Individual parts of each sculpture are plasma cut from a sheet of steel and prepared. Without heat, he shapes the steel free hand with many unique hand and motorized tools to the desired form. Everything is welded or bolted together along with solid or tubular parts to compose the final work. Bill employs no interns, assistants or subcontractors. It is his exclusive pleasure to create and present the work to you. Please contact Bill if you are interested in acquiring his work or have any questions.